About Us

The people behind the Blankbull name;

Matt – Creator
Anime Spoon1

Experience working in the games industry for over 3 years and experience in software development for over 10 years. Coding mini games since the age of 7 when his Dad bought him a book on basic for the Commodore 64.


Artist as a hobby and working in the software industry. The idea of using a touch screen pen with a tablet seemed to excite her more than we thought possible. Now we can’t stop her using it, but that doesn’t stop us swapping her touch pen for a real one from time to time.

Anime Ben1

Makes our lives a little easier day by day as we keep trucking along. We have no exact number of how many games he has played, but its well over powerlevel 5000. Assiting Matt with coding, ideas and filling other roles.